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Danbom Lake Service is the go-to provider for dock and hoist products and services in the Iowa Great Lakes.

What We Do


Danbom Lake Service is the first company in the Iowa Great Lakes region focused on lake service.   Beginning over 65 years ago, we’ve become the go-to provider for high-quality dock and hoist products and services.



Danbom manufactures Blue Water Docks – “the best dock on the lake,” as well as a complete line of galvanized-steel Blue Water hoists ranging in size from 2,000 pounds up to 40,000 pounds.   We also custom manufacture hoists to suit, including the only Sea Plane hoist on the lake! Additionally, Danbom is a “Platinum Preferred Dealer” for ShoreStation hoists and docks.



Lakeside Services


LAKE LIFE STARTS WITH DANBOM:  We offer convenient, timely and reliable lakefront hoist and dock services to get you and your family on the water.   

Timely Hoist and Dock Installation & Removal

Danbom Lake Service provides convenient, reliable and quality lakefront installation and removal services for docks, hoists, buoys, rafts, etc.

We operate five barges to perform this work, two of which are fitted with large cranes.  The crane barges are also used for shoreline maintenance and emergency/disaster services.   Our 80,000-pound “big barge” is fitted with the largest crane operating on the Iowa Great Lakes!

Dock Layout and Custom Design

MORE FOR YOUR SHORE:  Each lakeside location is unique and thus the design possibilities are endless.   Our goal is to tailor your dock to suit your family’s needs in the space you have.   Whether it be a customized Wooden Plank Dock, a Blue Water Sectional Dock – “The Best Dock on the Lake”, a ShoreStation Sectional Dock or a fully custom-built dock, we have solutions!

24-HR Repair Service

WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST:  During ‘boating season’ we offer the peace-of-mind of 24-hour lakeside service should you experience any unexpected problems with your hoists and equipment.  [Non-business hour charges may apply.]

Shoreline Maintenance

SHORE-UP YOUR SHORE:  If your shoreline is suffering from erosion or your natural rock has settled or pulled away from your bank, we are here to help.  We have the ideal equipment for placing natural rock rip-rap.   Landscapers who use our in-house-designed rock ‘baskets’ prefer them over all others for their ease of operation and controllability.  We can assist with the DNR to acquire all necessary permits.

Emergency/Disaster Response & Recovery

Should an accident happen or a disaster strike, Danbom Lake Service is ready to assist.  Our crews can typically be out on the lake (East or West) within minutes.  Whether it be a health emergency, summer storm damage, or a boat accident, our experienced crews are ready to respond.

Let us know how we can help.