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Danbom Lake Service is the go-to provider for dock and hoist products and services in the Iowa Great Lakes.

What We Do


Danbom Lake Service is the first company in the Iowa Great Lakes region focused on lake service.   Beginning over 65 years ago, we’ve become the go-to provider for high-quality dock and hoist products and services.



Danbom manufactures Blue Water docks, “the best dock on the lake”, as well as a complete line of galvanized-steel Blue Water hoists ranging in size from 2,000 pounds up to 40,000 pounds.   We also custom manufacture hoists to suit, including the only Sea Plane hoist on the lake! Additionally, Danbom is a “Platinum Preferred Dealer” for ShoreStation hoists and docks.



Dock & Hoist Services


Danbom’s services for dock and hoist installation/removal is unrivaled. We operate the largest barges on the lakes with the greatest lifting capacities making all shoreline projects a breeze. Danbom offers 24 hour service for all brands of hoists and docks. At Danbom we are able to accomplish our mission of making sure our customers enjoy lake activities without delay or hassle.

Hoist & Dock Installation/ Removal

Timely install to get you on the water and removal at the end of your summer fun!


Each dock is unique and we are happy to provide custom design and layouts.

24 hr
Repair Service

We are available 24/7 for any of your needs or emergencies!

Let us know how we can help.